:: Wednesday, September 29, 2004 ::
an ode to adrian

Walking around aimlessly in mid '99
Minding my business, biding my time
Sun beating down on my sweaty skin
My jiggling fats causing quite a scene

I remember stopping mid-track
But it wasn’t because of a lamb rack
It was him I remember clearly
Wearing the same Korn t-shirt I loved so dearly

Of course on him it looked wow!
But on me I looked like a cow
That's how I first noticed him and his mane
So embarrassed I never wore it again

Fast forward and we're in Canberra
Chugging down bottles everything's a blur
Whisky and bourbon, turpentine and bleach
Anything intoxicating was never out of reach

Oh yea he was the one who started me on bloggin'
Because my rambling was too much for his noggin
Especially on cold wintry nights
Listening to me was just not right

Stalker Magnet, Stupid Bitch and Chubby Hoe
The names he calls me affectionately so
Useless Drunkard Sampah Keling Bastard
With a mouthful of alcohol happily I blurt

On days we're not busy hurling insults and getting drunk
We're buying toys and figures because we gots da funk
All for watching anime and Spongebob Squarepants
I swear now everyone is following the trend

Hardcore and macho, funky and cool
Never abiding to no goddamn rule
Ladies I assure you, he's quite a pick
Cos he’s got a pink-tipped porn star dick

Thanks heaps for the new layout mate
I reckon you design best in a 'Moo-deprived' state
I know you expect me to ramble about my "date" last night
Too bad dude, this blog entry serves you right!

:: Another pointless rambling at 4:26pm ::

"Life is everything and nothing all at once..."
- Billy Corgan

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